Hey everybody, because I love what Z does for TAY and because I LOVE photos, taking them, being in them. You name it, I like it about photaygraphy. With the whole summer photay club going! I decided to do a smash grab of my summer! There are good times, and bad times. As most of you know I was in a pretty serious car accident, so alot of my time was spent cooped up for far too long, so there's pictures of that too. Plus I will continue my work as we near the end of summer as we will be traveling and eating amazing new foods around our area! I hope you enjoy .. and remember keep on Imaginating!

Summer PhoTAYgraphy Club!



1) Sushi. Nuff' Said

2) Sushi (lol, that's my dog's name) Nuff' Said.

3) Delicious Cider at one of my favorite tap houses.

4) 72 32 oz. bottles of personally brewed Porter Beer made by myself and Mrs. Pickles. It is delicious if you were wondering.


5) My view for three months. Sigh, I'm glad I documented it, but I am so much more glad that it's over.