Hey everyone!

As I stated in my last post I would be posting more pictures! BECAUSE YA'LL CAN'T STOP ME! So without further ado!

This?! This was homemade ceviche from a wonderful co-worker of mine who is from Columbia. You all can't handle this - nor will I give you any. It's mine, you hear me?! MINE! Nothing says summer like fresh shrimp ceviche.

Ah, Ramen. How can I tell you how much I love you. This beautiful gem right here? Is Shin Black Ramen .. it's the bee's knees. You should get some if you like spicy food / ramen. Your life will be made complete.


Here's my view twice a week after a woman squeezes my ankle getting all of the fluid out. Then they electrocute me. And I pay them to do this. What is wrong with me?


two things. First, that's me. Yes I know I'm frightening in real life. Second, this was my hair dresser's attempt to make me a Unicorn. I think she succeeded. Side note, no I did not keep the horn, it was shaved like the rest of my hair.

Ah Hookah. How I adore thee, let me count the ways. Actually never mind, I won't count ways, just know that I love it. It's delicious.


So that's my summer so far TAYmates! Keep showing us what you are doing too!

Much love all. Hope you've enjoyed so far!