Destiny - Or how I learned to not give a ...


That's the main reason I played video games. Right? To be above the pile. To be the best at virtually doing something that I cannot (or will not) do in real life! And let me tell you what, it killed my love of video games. Maybe it is cusping on my 30s, maybe it is the fact that I'm getting worse at playing games, maybe it's that I'm starting to not give a rat's behind about games in general.


I 'm not sure what it is, but I was slipping. The things that had defined me for 90% of my life and pretty much all of my adult life, had become a chore. I try to pinpoint specifically when I started feeling this way, and I think it started back when I worked at Gamestop as a Store Manager. I had to be the best, I had to have all the things, I had to be a snob about it too. Otherwise, I wasn't video gamey enough. And after 10 years, I think I finally was losing it.

Destiny, for all of its problem, was fun. Why? Because I didn't give a crap about it. I had a great time playing with Loser and my buddy Dil. Maybe it was the repetition or the fact it was new and grand and hilarious. But I began to learn something about myself while playing. I cared too much about how good I was. But somewhere along the line I started caring less about my "skill" and more about spending time with friends in a virtual world. Here's a clip of one my favorite moments in Destiny


Loser and TmfP dance

...It's that simple. Loser and I danced together in unison. I can tell you how amazing it was when we finally made our first Vault of Glass run. About how cool it was to have a Sherpa run us through it and we totally crushed it as a team. But in reality it was this, stupidly dancing. And that's when I started to not care about winning in a video game. Don't get it twisted I love feeling cool while playing a video game. Pretty much the majority of my videos on xbox have been, and will continue to be, videos of me getting quad kills in multiplayer, or a really great vehicle kill in random other game B. But in there you'll find other stuff that maybe means more to me. Like when my raid group took the time out of our Raid in Vault of Glass to push Loser (who was AFK for Bio obv) off the edge of the area ... many ... many ... many times to much laughter.


Loser to the Brink

Such goodness involved with that moment. I'm learning with each new game that I purchase to take myself less seriously. To care a little less about K/D and how good I am, and just enjoy those moments that make you go WHAT?! and cackle maniacally with your buddies. If I could impart that on you readers, that's what I want you to know from this.


Much love <3



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