TommyMFPickles here - TmfP for those in the know. Making a quick Contayct blurb! Figured I had lurked quietly enough!

I am always willing to provide you with memes and gifs. Just point me in a direction and I will go.


As far as games are concerned I LOVE RPGs (JRPGs/sRPGS to be ultimately specific), Madden, and FPS. I’m eclectic,

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I appreciate all the love and support you guys gave when I was in my car accident. And I will never forget that you guys were there for meh! If you ever want to chat, hit me up on any of my contaycts!

Steam: TommyMFPickles

XBL: TommyMFPickles

PS: mrkaio

Email: tommymfpickles(at)gmail(dot)com

“Really original with names” TmfP signing off

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