Gift ideas:

I own: PC, Vita (which I don't play), 3DS

Games I play: Currently playing SWTOR / LOTRO. Haven't really decided if I'm going to pay for them, so that's that.


Vita: Nothing. It currently sits and looks ... Vitay, and I don't plan on getting a PS4, so it'll probably continue to be in that state for quite some time.

PC - Honestly? I buy everything I want on this beast, and at this point I really can't think of anything that I want RIGHT now in the $20 range.

3DS - Oh so many feels for this system, but again at this point I pretty much have everything I could want. OO! I know Phoenix Wright the first one for regular DS there's a game I don't have, but want; but not going to buy it anytime soon!

Pop Culture/nerd interests which could be made giftable:

  • Love - Love - LOVE! Anime and own very little. I would be a fan of Iria: The Zeiram Animation poster! That would be the hotness! Or SAO (sword art online) .. or yeah, that'll work
  • I've recently started collecting things, and I'm not sure why. But Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers things are what I have started getting. Currently would love the 90's Movie Poster, that would be most awesome.
  • I am also a fan of cookbooks, yes, cookbooks. I would love a japanese cuisine cookbook, I have none. Or if you have a favorite cookbook I would love that too!